Useful Chemicals



Useful Chemicals Inc offers high quality products with competitive prices for the served industries, based on 20 years of experience in those activities.

We are concentrating our efforts in a few activities tending to be the best and offering complete satisfaction to our customers:

– Additives to starch adhesives for the manufacturing of corrugated boxes with water proof bond (View slideshow)

– Biocides for manufacturing of disinfectant and sanitizer products.

– Intermediates products for the manufacturing of detergents and cleaning products.

– Thermosetting resins for molding (moulding) compound of urea and melamine to manufacture electrical accessories, sanitary – ware, diner & kitchenware and a large variety of plastic parts.

– PMB (plastic material blast) for cleaning, deflashing, and depaintting of soft and sensitive surfaces by dry air blasting.

– Nitrogen slow release fertilizer powder

– Concrete and cement additives.

– Wetting and surface active agents.

We offer Quality, Service and Reliability.

We are also sourcing reliable suppliers for the listed raw material chemicals targeting, high quality, convenient prices and long term connection.

The sourced raw materials are to be used for the manufacturing of the products and for resale on the local market.