Travel and discovery with a vacation credit

Adventure enthusiasts constantly aspire to discover new horizons. However, budgetary restrictions limit the distances to be traveled. Do you want to travel to the end of the world? It is possible with holiday credit!

A personal loan entirely dedicated to travel. Banks and credit organizations have set up financial alternatives for individuals. This is a personal loan which aims to help households in the accomplishment of projects of all kinds, such as family or romantic holidays, a road trip or tourist discoveries of foreign sites.

Get a travel loan – vacation credit easily

Get a travel loan - vacation credit easily

In most cases, the budget problem is the main reason preventing a family from going on vacation abroad. A project that requires significant capital if we plan to provide family members with an unforgettable stay in Hawaii, Miami or any other exotic destination around the world.

Banks have designed financial solutions dedicated to individuals. It is a personal loan to realize the dreams and aspirations of a household. A common alternative in the financial sector since it does not require any particular justification. A specialized loan to make your travel plans a reality is therefore available from Belgian and Luxembourg banks and financial institutions.

We speak in this case of vacation / travel loan. Credit is easily obtained once the request is made to the organization of your choice. There are several ways to apply for a travel or vacation loan. A travel loan application can be made directly online. Once you have chosen the bank, you will need to complete the loan application form. Then, you only need to provide the amount of the credit and the monthly repayment periods. A procedure that is simple and without obligation.

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The direct approach of a credit institution also remains possible. This option will simply require a trip to the organization. In all cases, the borrower must take into account the conditions for obtaining a travel credit. They may vary from bank to bank.

Important details about applying for travel credit – vacation credit

Important details about applying for travel credit - vacation credit

As its name suggests, a travel / vacation credit is capital allocated to an individual by a bank or a credit organization to finance a trip, vacation or any other activity related to this type of project. As a personal loan, the debtor will not have to provide specific supporting documents. All they need to do is apply and fulfill the essential conditions for obtaining it, which are:

  • have a stable financial situation (age does not matter too much since the borrower is of full age and has a job)
  • be domiciled in Belgium or Luxembourg in order to enjoy the advantages of banks located in these localities. To this end, the bank could ask for residence permits in addition to proof of domiciliation since some organizations may be more demanding than others.

Essential provisions for a travel credit

Essential provisions for a travel credit

The measures to be taken when taking out a loan are based on three essential points.

The first concerns the comparison of the APRs offered by the numerous organizations. You can use a loan simulator to compare the offers available on the Belgian financial market. In this way, you will get credit with affordable rates adapted to your repayment capacity.

The second is to do an analysis of your financial state and the choices available to you. In order to avoid the risk of non-payment, this decision must be carefully considered. It is also imperative not to be on file with the Bank in Belgium.

The third essential point is to consult your Across Lender broker. The latter is a financial expert who has the necessary qualifications to find the ideal loan formula for you.

The overall effective annual rate is around 5.95%.

The repayment of the credit generally takes place between 24 months and 84 months.

The vacation loan is a personal loan.

It is also possible to make an installment loan or a consumer credit.

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