Useful Chemicals



We sell 3 different products:

1.) KETONE ALDEHYDE liquid resin in various concentrations

Ideal for corrugated cardboard and boxes manufacturing and for distributors of corrugated chemicals and starch adhesives.

KETONE ALDEHYDE liquid resin comes in various concentrations which is a wet strength additive to starch based adhesives imparting the following properties to the corrugated paper boxes:

1.) Waterproofing as per FEFCO 9 and water soak test.
2.) Increase in dry strength as per PAT dry test.
3.) Increase in wet strength as per PAT wet test.
4.) Increase in green bond strength.
5.) Higher running speeds.
6.) Savings in costs.

2.) KETONE ALDEHYDE – P0LYAMINE modified liquid resin

KETONE ALDEHYDE – POLYAMINE modified liquid resin is very effective in high running speeds modern machines.

3.) KETONE ALDEHYDE – PVA modified liquid resin

Increases green bond strength at higher running speeds allowing immediate board converting.

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